Geotechnical Services

Oasis Consulting Services has a distinguished history of providing geotechnical services to a diverse client base on a wide variety of project types.  We have catered to clients that include local, regional, and Fortune 500 companies in the Southeastern United States and Caribbean. With over 200 years of collective experience, our group is capable of bringing unprecedented technical expertise and value to each and every project. As a company, Oasis is continually evolving to meet our clients’ ever expanding needs and our performance of geotechnical services is no exception.



  • Feasibility Studies
  • Subsurface Exploration
  • Geotechnical Design for High Hazard Dams
  • Geosynthetic Designs
  • Soil Site Suitability Studies
  • Materials Testing
  • Special Inspections
  • Third Party Inspections
  • Stormwater Testing & Inspection
  • Automated Instrumentation Monitoring

Distinguished Clients

Notable Projects

Pinewood Studios Atlanta

Geotechnical Exploration, Materials Testing, and Special Inspections

Oasis Consulting Services (Oasis) performed geotechnical evaluations and assessments, construction materials testing and special inspections, and NPDES stormwater testing and inspection for Pinewood Studios, a movie/production studio development situated on a 700-acre site in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Completed phases of development include 17 sound stages that total approximately 340,000 sq. ft., with another approximate 400,000 sq. ft. of workshop, office, and production facilities. The sound stage construction is high bay concrete tilt up panel and structural steel. Most of the support facilities are pre-engineered metal buildings. Future phases of construction are planned to build out the development.

To date, Oasis has provided services for the design and construction, and has performed all of the subsurface exploration for the development. We assisted the owner with construction sequencing in order to mitigate potential issues with soft soils and settlement. Oasis also performed all of the materials testing and inspection services for the earthwork, site utilities, foundations, reinforced concrete, slabs-on-grade, and structural steel. In addition, storm water sampling, testing, and reporting were also conducted.

As a result of our efforts, the client was able to expedite the various projects being carried out during construction. In order to meet the aggressive construction schedule, Oasis worked with the client to develop creative solutions which facilitated management of the fast-track schedule.

Luckie Street Solar Project, New South Construction

Geotechnical Services

The “Luckie Street Solar Project,” owned by Atlanta magnate Ted Turner, is currently the largest solar project installed in downtown Atlanta. As a result of its revolutionary use of solar canopies as cover for parking lots, the project will generate nearly 200 kilowatt hours – enough to prevent an estimated 82 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Oasis Consulting Services is proud to have provided a number of geotechnical services, including subsurface exploration, SPT drilling, shallow and intermediate (drilled pier) foundation design, recommendation for bearing capacity, and pavement design for this innovative project.

King’s Lake Dam, RJK Homes

Geotechnical Design, Materials Testing & Inspection

Kings Lake DamOasis Consulting Services provided geotechnical design and construction oversight on a high-hazard, State-regulated Category I dam located in Cobb County, Georgia. The embankment construction included the undercutting of unsuitable material, the installation of a new principal spillway (double 48-inch ductile iron pipes) with cradle, the construction of a 60-foot wide emergency spillway, the construction of a new plunge pool, the installation of an internal drainage system, and the monitoring and testing of embankment fill during construction.

Pace Academy Athletic Complex

Geotechnical Design, Stormwater Testing & Inspection, and Materials Testing & Inspection

PaceAthletics2Oasis Consulting Services (Oasis) provided geotechnical design, construction testing and inspection, and NPDES stormwater testing and inspection for the new athletic complex. The work Oasis performed included a geotechnical evaluation, which addressed previously placed fill of poor quality and shallow groundwater. Our solutions saved the owner not only $1,000,000 in site development cost, but time invested in the project.