Solid Waste

Since Oasis Consulting Services was established in 1996, we have provided innovative solutions for landfills and solid waste, from design and permitting to construction quality assurance to post-closure care. Known for outstanding service and attention to detail, Oasis is led by recognized experts in the field who possess not only decades of experience, but also the expertise necessary for navigating difficult situations and providing cost-effective resolutions without compromising on quality. After nearly two decades in the waste industry, Oasis Consulting Services has established a proven track record of value-added customer service and long-standing client relationships.

One of our most significant services is the design and maintenance of Gas Collection and Control Systems.  Our Landfill Gas Department, possessing over 30 years of collective department experience, utilizes proprietary methods to perform analyses and system tuning.  These proprietary methods have been proven to improve gas yields, achieve compliance, and provide conclusive results for our clients. We have serviced landfill gas systems that range in size from 10 to 200 gas wells, and have proudly served both national and international clients.  In order to facilitate peace of mind for our clients, we provide 24-hour on-call services and serve as the preferred installer of FleetZOOM ( telemetry equipment in the Southeast.


Solid Waste ManagementSolidWaste7

  • Solid Waste Design
  • Permitting
  • Construction Quality Assurance (CQA)
  • Post-Closure Management

Landfill Gas Management


  • Gas Collection and Control Systems (GCCS)
    • Design
    • Construction
    • Operations & Maintenance
  • Perimeter & Surface Emissions Monitoring
  • Well Field Monitoring & Tuning
  • NSPS Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
  • Site Investigation & Analysis
  • Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Credit Services
  • Flare Maintenance & Repair
  • Gas Compression Systems Maintenance and Repair
  • Leachate/Condensate Systems
    • Design
    • Installation
    • Maintenance
  • Telemetry/Data Conditioning & Acquisition

Distinguished Clients

Notable Projects

Union Hill Church Road Landfill — Baldwin County, Georgia

Permitting of Alternate Final Cover (ClosureTurf®)

Through innovative design and permitting with the State of Georgia, Oasis Consulting Services successfully obtained an alternate final closure approval for the Baldwin County – Union Hill Church Road Landfill using the patented ClosureTurf® system, a synthetic engineered turf cover which is durable and drastically reduces or eliminates the need for typical costly landfill post-closure maintenance. Oasis worked closely with Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to achieve approval for the first alternate final cover system of its kind for final closure of a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill in Georgia. Baldwin County citizens will benefit from this proven closure solution for the 21.5-acre Phase 3 MSW inactive disposal area because it will enable the county to meet state solid waste rules requirements and state enforcement district requirements while providing a cost-effective final cap to conserve much-needed SPLOST funds for other important county needs. Oasis was awarded the 2017 American Public Works Association (APWA) – Georgia Chapter Small City/Rural Communities Engineering Award for this project.

Seminole Road Landfill — DeKalb County, Georgia

Design, CQA, Post-Closure

DeKalb County, which has one of the largest full-service, county-operated sanitation departments in the southeastern United States, has been a committed Oasis client since 1996. After successfully overcoming five years of permitting hurdles, Oasis implemented the innovative design to increase the disposal capacity of Seminole Road Landfill for an additional 70+ years of use. Oasis also incorporated Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls into the construction program, extending the overall life of the landfill by increasing the amount of waste volume by 30%.


Anguilla Landfill — St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands


Through the use of revolutionary design methods, Oasis Consulting Services overcame airspace limitations and provided the Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority with a solution for meeting EPA minimum slope requirements without affecting nearby environmentally-sensitive areas. Oasis added value to the design by incorporating the potential development of future air space as well. Through the use of an innovative closure system, Oasis not only expanded the operational life of the landfill by three years, but also saved the client over $2 million in operations and maintenance over a period of 30 years.

LaGrange Sanitary Landfill — City of LaGrange, Georgia

GCCS, Design, CQA

Oasis Consulting Services implemented a migration control system at the City of LaGrange Sanitary Landfill to resolve ongoing landfill gas migration issues. The City of LaGrange also benefitted from Oasis’ use of creative problem solving strategies and detailed analysis to maximize the availability of gas-to-energy project income. Since Oasis’ inception, our team has also provided construction quality assurance and design services for the City of LaGrange for all phases of cell development and unlined area closure since 1997.

Seminole Road Landfill — DeKalb County, Georgia

Flare Operations & Maintenance

Oasis Consulting Services provided DeKalb County with a top-of-the-line maintenance plan by incorporating the most innovative technology currently available. Serving as the preferred FleetZOOM installer in the Southeast, Oasis upgraded the site chart recorder to ensure the storage and back up of important compliance data. Oasis also retrofitted the existing flare to provide vacuum control on the extraction system and thereby maximize the collection of landfill gas.