Oasis Consulting Services Completes 13-Year Project Redeveloping Fort Gillem

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Oasis Consulting Services announces the completion of the 13-year revitalization of Fort Gillem in collaboration with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of the City of Forest Park, GA and industrial real estate development and investment firm Robinson Weeks Partners.

Since 2011, Oasis has partnered closely with the Forest Park URA, the city of Forest Park, Robinson Weeks Partners and other key stakeholders, providing unparalleled expertise in environmental assessment and remediation to facilitate the redevelopment plan for the former United State Army post.

Oasis conducted a comprehensive Hazardous Materials Survey covering 5,504,675 square feet of WWII-era buildings, addressing asbestos and lead-based paint concerns among other hazardous materials.

A significant portion of the Fort Gillem site, encompassing 775 acres, presented unique challenges as a Brownfields site. Oasis led the technical review of Brownfield strategies, conducted a site-wide Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), and developed intricate corrective action plans to meet the requirements of stakeholders including the Army, GAEPD, and U.S. EPA. Notably, Oasis successfully finalized a complex Brownfield corrective action plan in 2014, paving the way for the creation of the Gillem Logistics Center, a sprawling industrial facility spanning over 8 million square feet.

In 2015, a portion of the property was transferred by the Army to the city of Forest Park; Robinson Weeks Partners then purchased four property parcels in various increments for a total of 270 acres over the course of two years.

Property redevelopment efforts spearheaded by Robinson Weeks involved the demolition of numerous structures, paving the way for new construction. Oasis Consulting Services played a critical role in this phase, conducting soil sampling and providing essential geotechnical services to ensure the integrity of the site for future development. Throughout the undercutting and grading process, Oasis tested fill materials, providing crucial insight to support construction operations. Additionally, Oasis delivered comprehensive Construction Materials Testing (CMT) services, including inspections and testing of rebar, concrete, and steel, with results processed by its AASHTO-accredited (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) laboratory in Canton, Georgia.

In 2016, Robinson Weeks reached a significant milestone with the completion of an 847,000 square-foot warehouse on a 46-acre brownfield property within the Gillem Logistics Center. Oasis Consulting Services played an integral role in this achievement, providing structural steel inspections and additional CMT services to ensure the highest standards of construction quality. Oasis’s expertise extended to stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) and NPDES services, providing ongoing support throughout the 16-month construction period.

The impact of Oasis’s contributions extends from environmental to economic. Through strategic partnerships and meticulous planning, the redevelopment of Fort Gillem has resulted in the creation of 3,700 new jobs and generated $1 billion in economic impact. This monumental achievement marks the fastest and largest rapid redevelopment of a military base decommissioning in history, solidifying Oasis’ reputation as a leader in engineering innovation.

Completing the redevelopment of Fort Gillem is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team at Oasis Consulting Services,” said Michael Monteleone, Executive Vice President at Oasis Consulting Services. “We are immensely proud to have played a pivotal role in revitalizing this historic site, creating thousands of jobs, and stimulating economic growth for the Forest Park community and beyond.

Oasis and the City of Forest Park celebrated its 13 years of partnership in festivities on April 18, 2024; photos of the event can be seen on this page.