Design-Build of Alternate Final Cover (ClosureTurf®)
Union Hill Church Road Landfill – Phase 3 Closure

Gordon, GA | 2016 – 2017

Scope of Services

  • Design-Build Construction
  • Laboratory Soils Testing
  • Landfill Construction Quality Assurance (CQA)
  • Final Certification

Notable Accomplishments

Oasis Consulting Services was instrumental in acting as liaison with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GEPD) to obtain the first permit for a landfill cap utilizing ClosureTurf in the state.

Because of Oasis’s innovative design, the project was completed 3 months ahead of schedule and saved $1.5 million of SPLOST funds with minimal cost to maintain for the county.

This project was the 2018 ACEC Georgia Engineering Excellence Award Winner, Environmental Category

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Project summary

Oasis Consulting Services completed a $2.74 million turnkey design-build contract for a 21.5-acre alternate final closure system in the Phase 3 MSW disposal area for the Baldwin County Board of Commissioners. The system, which uses the patented ClosureTurf® engineered turf, is the first alternate final cover system of its kind approved by Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GEPD) for final closure of a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill in Georgia. ClosureTurf® is a synthetic engineered turf cover which is durable and drastically reduces or eliminates the need for typical costly landfill post-closure maintenance.

The approved ClosureTurf® final cover system eliminates a costly prescriptive clay layer as well as vertical landfill gas collection wells. Additionally, the use of Armorfill™ to enhance the turf sand infill eliminates the need for diversion berms and down chutes, thus allowing the entire cap to sheet flow to Armorfill™ perimeter ditches.

Baldwin County, seated in Milledgeville, is a mostly rural community whose citizens will benefit from this proven closure solution as the County will be able to meet state solid waste rules requirements and state enforcement district requirements while providing a cost-effective final cap to conserve much-needed SPLOST funds for other important county needs. Oasis’ design-build contract, in conjunction with the utilization of County forces for soils work, saved the County approximately $1.5 million as compared with traditional procurement.

Additionally Oasis provided laboratory soils testing in our in-house soils lab; construction quality assurance services; and final certification and final closure documentation necessary to obtain a Closure Certificate for Phase 3.