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Oasis Consulting Services has a distinguished history of providing geotechnical services to a diverse client base on a wide variety of project types. We have catered to clients that include local, regional, and Fortune 500 companies in the Southeastern United States and Caribbean.

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Oasis provides geotechnical services, construction materials testing, and special inspections on a wide array of projects – including the largest airport in the world, industrial facilities exceeding 3 million square feet, and more. Our knowledgeable staff is attentive to detail and anticipates each client’s needs to find innovative, cost-effective solutions.


Oasis has a fully operational geotechnical and construction materials testing laboratory which has been certified by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). In addition to our in-house laboratory, Oasis has a mobile lab unit that can bring our superior testing services directly to your jobsite.

Geotechnical Engineering Services

  • Preliminary/Site Suitability Studies for Development and Subsurface Exploration
  • Seepage and Slope Stability Analysis
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis Using In-Situ Test Methods
  • Pavement Analysis and Design
  • Soil Laboratory Testing and Analysis
  • Site-Specific Seismic Hazard Studies
  • Forensic Failure Evaluations and Expert Witness Testimony
  • Roadway Soil Surveys and Bridge Foundation Investigations
  • Design of Mechanically-Stabilized Earth Systems
  • Automated Instrumentation

AASHTO-Certified Laboratory Services

  • Standard Proctor
  • Modified Proctor
  • Sieve Analysis
  • Atterberg Limits
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • Hydraulic Conductivity
  • Consolidation
  • Triaxial Compression
  • Unconfined Compression
  • Specific Gravity of Soils
  • Permeability of Granular Soils
  • Organic Content of Soils

Construction Materials Testing & Inspection Services

  • Special Inspections
  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Inspections
  • Fresh Concrete Placement Monitoring, Sampling, and Testing
  • Masonry Inspection and Testing
  • Structural Steel, High-Strength Bolting, and Welding Testing & Inspection
  • Pavement Testing & Inspection for Asphalt, Concrete, and RCC Pavement
  • Floor Flatness Profiling

Certificate of Membership – Chemicals and Allied Industries


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